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101904 Eating Disorder Treatment: An Integration of Narrative and Cognitive Behavioral Therapies for Healing and Recovery: IAEDP Symposium 2011 Amy E. Wasserbauer, PhD
Pam Micca, M.Ed., LPC, ACS
2 Webinar
101903 Healing Through Nonverbal Expression: Art and Sandplay Therapy in the Treatment of Eating Disorders: IAEDP Symposium 2011 Lane Gould-Hartline, APRN, BC 2 Webinar
101902 New Developments in Appetite Control: IAEDP Symposium 2011 Vicki Berkus, M.D., Ph.D, CEDS 2 Webinar
101901 Trusting the Body to Trust its Hunger Signals: An Evidence Based Investigation into Intuitive Eating: IAEDP Symposium 2011 Ralph E. Carson, RD, PHD 2 Webinar
101900 Food Trauma: What if it is about the food?: IAEDP Symposium 2011 Amanda C. Mellowspring, MS, RD, LD/N
Melissa A. McLain, Ph.D.
2 Webinar
101899 Demystifying the Biological Research of Eating Disorders: IAEDP Symposium 2011 Jeffrey DeSarbo, DO 2 Webinar
101898 Putting Mentalization in Motion: Practical Application to Eating Disorder Treatment: IAEDP Symposium 2011 Jeffrey Mar, MD, FAAP, CEDS
Theresa Fassihi, Ph.D.
2 Webinar
101897 Surviving or Thriving: Promoting a Culture of Therapist Self-Care: IAEDP Symposium 2011 Jonna M. Fries
Nancy Anderson Dolan
2 Webinar
101896 More than just peace, love and granola--Yoga-Based Eating Disorder Recovery-Research and Benefits: IAEDP Symposium 2011 Beverly S. Price 2 Webinar
102046 The Fundamentals About Stage 1 Treatment of DID: All the Things You Were Afraid to Ask, Didn't Know You Needed to Ask, Forgot to Remember to Ask, or Just Wanted to Know Richard J. Loewenstein, M.D. 3 Webinar
102239 The Male Box: A Journey Into the Minds of Boys and Men Dennis Morrow, Licensed Professional Counselor, Masters in Education, MBA 6 Webinar
102094 Bearing Bad Tidings: Delivering a Difficult Message Dennis Potter, LMSW, CAADC, CCS, FAAETS 1 Webinar
102093 Dealing with the Aftermath of Mass Disaster Events Dennis Potter, LMSW, CAADC, CCS, FAAETS 1 Webinar

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