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102321 Screening for Intimate Partner Violence, Elder Abuse, and Abuse of Vulnerable Adults: An Evidence Review for the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force 4 Online
102312 Focus on Prevention: Strategies and Programs to Prevent Substance Use 5 Online
102301 Dissociation 101: A comprehensive exploration into the field of Dissociation and Complex Trauma 6 Recorded Webinar
102280 A Blueprint for Parenting Children Ages 0 to 7 : A Foundation for Good Mental Health 5 Recorded Webinar
102257 Trauma Informed Approach: A SAMHSA Model in Custody 4 Book
102239 The Male Box: A Journey Into the Minds of Boys and Men 6 Recorded Webinar
102235 Mental Health Screening and Assessment in the Illinois Juvenile Justice System 3 Online
102209 Threat Assessment in Schools: A Guide to Managing Threatening Situations and Creating Safe School Climates 4 Online
102175 American Indian and Alaska Native Mental Health: Diverse Perspectives on Enduring Disparities 4 Online
102167 Making Sense of People: Decoding the Mysteries of Personality 7 Book
102156 Motivational Interviewing: Enhancing Motivation for Change: A Learner's Manual for the American Indian/Alaskan Native Counselor 4 Online
102151 Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment: A Review and Discussion for Corrections Professionals 4 Online
102149 Lasagna for Lunch: Declaring Peace with Emotional Eating 5 Book
102140 Civil Protection Orders: A Guide to Improving Practice 4 Online
102134 Women's Pathways to Jail: The Roles & Intersections of Serious Mental illness & Trauma 3 Online
102109 Evaluation of the Efficacy of a Cognitive Behavioral Program for Offenders on Probation: Thinking for a Change 5 Online
102084 A Review of the Florida Laws and Rules for Mental Health Practitioners 3 Online
102076 Standards of Care for the Health of Transexual, Transgender, and Gender Non-conforming People 4 Online
102071 DSM-5 Essentials: The Savvy Clinician's Guide to the Changes in Criteria 7 Book
102048 The Impact of Early Life Trauma: Clinical and Neurobiological Perspectives 3 Recorded Webinar
102046 The Fundamentals About Stage 1 Treatment of DID: All the Things You Were Afraid to Ask, Didn't Know You Needed to Ask, Forgot to Remember to Ask, or Just Wanted to Know 3 Recorded Webinar
102035 Competence as an Ethical Standard for Psychologists: As found in, "Ethics for Psychologists: A Casebook Approach (Chapter 2)." 3 Online
102020 DSM-5 Overview of Changes 3 Online
101989 Evaluation Handbook 5 Online
101972 Ethnic and Racial Disparities in Education: Psychology's Contributions to Understanding and Reducing Disparities 4 Online
101968 Telehealth: Ethical and Legal practice for Mental Health Professionals 5 Book
101959 How Families Flourish: Strength Based Family Therapy using Positive Psychology 5 Book
101954 Advocacy for Mental Health: Mental Health Policy and Service Guidance Package 4 Online
101945 ACA Code of Ethics: American Counseling Association 3 Online
101918 Trauma & the Twelve Steps: A Complete Guide for Enhancing Recovery 7 Book
101917 Prevention of Mental Disorders: Effective Interventions and Policy Options 4 Online
101883 The New Handbook of Counseling Supervision 6 Book
101852 Psychotherapeutic Medications 2011: What Every Counselor Should Know 4 Online
101829 Relapse Prevention Group (Section V): From Counselor's Treatment Manual: Matrix Intensive Outpatient Treatment for People With Stimulant Use Disorders 6 Online
101828 7 Sessions of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Adolescent Cannabis Users (Section IV): From The Motivational Enhancement Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Supplement: CYT Cannabis Youth Treatment Series, Volume 2 4 Online
101827 The CBT7 Approach to Cannabis Treatment (Sections 1-3): From the Cannabis Youth Treatment Series, Volume 2 3 Online
101820 Motivational Enhancement Therapy (Section V): From Motivational Enhancement Therapy and Cognitive Behavorial Therapy for Adolescent Cannabis Users: CYT Cannabis Youth Treatment Series (Volume 1) 3 Online
101811 Inside the Mind of a Serial, Multiparaphilic Sex Offender 6 Book
101791 Applying the APA Record Keeping Guidelines in Clinical Practice 3 Online
101782 Guidelines for Psychological Practice with Older Adults 3 Online
101672 The Book of Ethics: Expert Guidance for Professionals Who Treat Addiction 5 Book
101669 Tennessee Board of Examiners in Psychology, Rules and Regulations: Tennessee State Code Rules & Regulations Related to the Practice of Psychology 3 Online
101579 Best Practices to Address Community Gang Problems: OJJDP's Comprehensive Gang Model 4 Online
101532 Self-Disclosure and its Impact On Individuals Who Receive Mental Health Services 3 Online
101528 Happiness: The science behind your smile 5 Book
101526 Underachieving Gifted Students: A Social Cognitive Model 5 Online
101522 Medical (Behavioral Healthcare Practice) Errors 4 Online
101501 The Ring in the Rubble: Dig Through Change and Find Your Next Golden Opportunity 6 Book
101499 Promotion and Prevention in Mental Health: Strengthening Parenting and Enhancing Child Resilience 4 Online
101488 Promoting Healthy Families in Your Community: 2008 Resource Packet 5 Online
101487 Understanding Foster Parenting: Using Administrative Data to Explore Retention 3 Online
101485 The Importance of Fathers in the Healthy Development of Children 7 Online
101408 Managed Mental Health Care: Findings from the Literature, 1990-2005 5 Online
101407 Understanding the Effects of Maltreatment on Early Brain Development 3 Online
101405 When Schools Stay Open Late: The National Evaluation of the 21st Century Community Learning Centers Program 5 Online
101404 Male Perpetrators of Child Maltreatment: Findings from NCANDS 3 Online
101403 Child Neglect: A Guide for Prevention, Assessment, and Intervention 6 Online
101349 Crisis Intervention in Child Abuse and Neglect: The User Manual Series 5 Online
101330 No Mind Left Behind: Understanding and Fostering Executive Control - The Eight Essential Brain Skills Every Child Needs to Thrive 7 Book
101325 The Body Remembers Casebook: Unifying Methods and Models in the Treatment of Trauma and PTSD 7 Book
101323 The Body Remembers: The Psychophysiology of Trauma and Trauma Treatment 7 Book
101301 Coping with Advanced Cancer: Support for People With Cancer 3 Online
101298 Straight Talk About Death For Teenagers: How to Cope with Losing Someone You Love 4 Book
101296 Success Built to Last: Creating a Life that Matters 6 Book
101284 HIPAA Compliance Assistance: Summary of the HIPAA Privacy Rule 3 Online
101277 When Your Brother or Sister Has Cancer: A Guide for Teens 3 Online
101270 Taking Time: Support for People With Cancer 3 Online
101245 When Your Parent Has Cancer: A Guide for Teens 4 Online
101241 Sexual Boundary Violations: Therapeutic, Supervisory, and Academic Contexts 5 Book
101238 Measuring the Promise: A Compendium of Recovery Measures, Volume II 5 Online
101236 The Effects of Marriage on Health: A Synthesis of Recent Research Evidence 4 Online
101233 Choosing Civility: The Twenty-Five Rules of Considerate Conduct 7 Book
101192 Iraq War Clinician Guide: Topics Specific to the Psychiatric Treatment of Military Personnel: Background Issues, Assessment Guidelines and Treatment of the Returning Iraq War Veteran 5 Online
101154 Clinical Guidelines for the Use of Buprenorphine in the Treatment of Opioid Addiction: Pharmacology of Buprenorphine, TIP #40 3 Online
101148 Child Development and Behavior Branch NICHD: Report to the NACHHD Council 3 Online
101145 Participation in Adult Education for Work-Related Reasons: 2002-03: Statistical Analysis Report 3 Online
101132 Perfect Love, Imperfect Relationships: Healing the Wound of the Heart 5 Book
101115 Medical Necessity in Private Health Plans: Implications for Behavioral Health Care 3 Online
101114 Putting Positive Youth Development Into Practice: A Resource Guide 3 Online
101106 Treating Pornography Addiction: The Essential Tools for Recovery 5 Book
101095 Substance Abuse Treatment and Family Therapy: Specific Populations 4 Online
101083 Unknown Tomorrows: A Caregiver's Guide to Companioning the Seriously Ill 4 Book Online
101082 Developing a Stigma Reduction Initiative 6 Online
101079 Introduction to HIV/AIDS (TIP 37, Ch. 1): Substance Abuse Treatment for Persons With HIV/AIDS 3 Online
101074 Screening and Assessing Adolescents for Substance Use Disorders: TIP 31 3 Online
101072 Education And Training In The Social, Behavioral, And Economic Sciences: A Plan Of Action 6 Online
101071 Revitalizing Special Education for Children and Their Families: A New Era 4 Online
101056 State Regulation of Residential Facilities for Children with Mental Illness 4 Online
101053 The Promise of Mediation: The Transformative Approach to Conflict 7 Book
101050 School Mental Health Services in the United States 6 Online
101038 Substance Abuse Treatment For Adults in the Criminal Justice System (TIP #44, Ch. 1-2) 4 Online
101024 Children of Divorce: Stories of Loss and Growth 6 Book
101018 The Special Needs Of Women With Co-Occurring Disorders Diverted From The Criminal Justice System 3 Online
101000 Alcohol: What's a Parent to Believe? 7 Book
100994 Understanding the 12 Steps: An Interpretation and Guide For Recovering People 6 Book
100990 Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: Guidelines for Referral and Diagnosis 5 Online
100985 When They Won't Quit: A Call to Action for Families, Friends, and Employers of Alcohol and Drug-Addicted People 5 Book
100979 Making Weight: Men's conflicts with food, weight, shape and appearance 7 Book
100976 "It Will Never Happen To Me!": Growing Up with Addiction as Youngsters, Adolescents, Adults 6 Book
100975 Getting Past No: Negotiating Your Way from Confrontation to Cooperation 6 Book
100974 Antidepressants: A History of Drugs 6 Book
100971 A Training Guide for the Early Childhood Services Community: Promotion of Mental Health and Prevention of Mental and Behavioral Disorders 6 Online
100969 Co-Occurring Disorders and Specialty Courts 4 Online
100958 Screening and Assessment of Co-Occurring Disorders in the Justice System 4 Online
100956 Intervention Strategies for Offenders with Co-Occurring Disorders 3 Online
100955 Building Strong Families: Guidelines For Developing Programs 3 Online
100945 The Batterer: A Psychological Profile 6 Book
100940 Disaster Mental Health: Crisis Counseling Programs for the Rural Community 4 Online
100937 Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychopharmacology Made Simple 5 Book
100933 Working with People with Mental Illness Involved in the Criminal Justice System: What Mental Health Providers Need to Know 5 Online
100929 How to Talk So Teens Will Listen & Listen So Teens Will Talk 4 Book
100927 Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation 5 Online
100926 The Effective Executive: The Definitive Guide to Getting the Right Things Done 5 Book
100920 Complex Trauma in Children and Adolescents: White Paper from the National Child Traumatic Stress Network 4 Online
100917 Costs of Intimate Partner Violence Against Women 4 Online
100914 How to Fail as a Therapist: 50 Ways to Lose or Damage Your Patients 4 Book
100896 Anger Management for Substance Abuse and Mental Health Clients: A Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Manual 5 Online
100893 Childhood Traumatic Grief Education Materials 3 Online
100890 High School Guidance Counseling 4 Online
100888 Act on Life Not on Anger: The New Acceptance & Commitment Therapy Guide to Problem Anger 6 Book
100885 Ethics for Addiction Professionals 3 Book
100863 Preventing Drug Use Among Children and Adolescents: A Research-Based Guide for Parents, Educators, and Community Leaders 3 Online
100843 A Coordinated Response to Child Abuse and Neglect: The Foundation for Practice 7 Online
100827 Helping Your Child Through Early Adolescence 4 Online
100824 Reducing Medical Errors and Improving Patient Safety: Success Stories from the Front Lines of Medicine 3 Online
100822 Revised Guidelines for HIV Counseling, Testing, and Referral 5 Online
100722 Domestic Violence 3 Online
100703 Iraq War Clinician Guide 6 Online
100637 Psychology's Potential Role in Overcoming Racism 3 Online
100632 APA Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct: 2010 Amendments 3 Online
100624 Alcohol and Craving 5 Online
100623 Alcohol and Stress 5 Online
100618 Screening and Assessing Adolescents for Substance Use Disorders: Comprehensive Assessment of Adolescents for Referral and Treatment 3 Online
100339 Adventures In Parenting: Becoming a Successful Parent 5 Online
100329 Night Wings 6 Book
100328 Responding to Psychological Emergencies: A Field Guide 7 Book
100323 Altered Standards of Care in Mass Casualty Events 4 Online
100311 Effective Techniques for Dealing with Highly Resistant Clients: Innovative Ideas and Approaches to Prevent, Avoid, and Resolve Resistance 7 Book
100303 Electroconvulsive Therapy Review Guidelines 3 Online
100300 Assessing Children for the Presence of a Disability 4 Online
100299 Mental Health Professionals' Role in the Prevention and Treatment of Abuse and Neglect 7 Online
100297 Behavioral Development: From Cells to Selves 3 Online
100291 The National Elder Abuse Incidence Study 5 Online
100289 Mental Health Treatment for Youth in the Juvenile Justice System 3 Online
100271 The Psychotherapy Documentation Primer 6 Book
100248 Handbook for Mortals: Guidance for People Facing Serious Illness (1st Edition) 7 Book
100213 Healing from Family Rifts 7 Book
100203 Difficult Moments in Child Psychotherapy 7 Book
100197 Achieving Diversity: Race-Neutral Alternatives in American Education 3 Online
100184 Early Warning, Timely Response - A Guide to Safe Schools 3 Online
100176 Mind-Body Interventions for Gastrointestinal Conditions 4 Online
100173 Patient Safety Initiative: Building Foundations, Reducing Risk (Medical Errors) 4 Online
100161 Doing What Counts For Patient Safety - Federal Actions To Reduce Medical Errors 4 Online
100156 Women in the Health Care System: Health Status, Insurance, and Access to Care 3 Online
100151 Diagnostic Criteria in Clinical Settings: DSM-IV and Cultural Competence 3 Online
100148 Work as a Priority - A Resource for Employing People Who Have Serious Mental Illnesses and Who Are Homeless 5 Online
100145 The Highly Sensitive Person 7 Book
100127 Mental Health Care for African Americans 3 Online
100111 Developing Cultural Competence in Disaster Mental Health Programs 4 Online
100103 Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) in Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy 7 Book
100102 Supervisory Relationships: Exploring the Human Element 7 Book
10099 Doing the Right Thing: An Approach to Moral Issues in Mental Health Treatment 6 Book
10096 Clinical Case Study: Clinical Case Management in Childhood-Onset Depression 3 Online
10062 The 60-Second Shrink: 101 Strategies for Staying Sane in a Crazy World 7 Book
10057 The Gift of Therapy : An Open Letter to a New Generation of Therapists and Their Patients 7 Book
10044 Rewriting Love Stories: Brief Marital Therapy 7 Book
10018 Improving Treatment Compliance: Counseling & Systems Strategies for Substance Abuse & Dual Disorders 6 Book
9570 Older Adults and Mental Health 3 Online
9540 Children and Mental Health 4 Online
9520 Adults and Mental Health: Mental Health: Report of Surgeon General 6 Online
8200 The Scared Child: Helping Kids Overcome Traumatic Events 7 Book
8150 The Explosive Child (2nd Edition) 7 Book
7010 The Addictive Personality: Understanding the Addictive Process and Compulsive Behavior 4 Book
6175 Ethical Risk Management 7 Book
6035 Caregiver's Reprieve 4 Book
4240 You Can Beat Depression 5 Book
4220 A Starving Madness: Tales of Hunger, Hope and Healing in Psychotherapy 6 Book
4165 Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: The Latest Assessment & Treatment Strategies 4 Book
4060 Depression in Adults: The Latest Assessment and Treatment Strategies 4 Book
4050 Clinical Psychopharmacology Made Ridiculously Simple 4 Book
3025 Who Moved My Cheese 3 Book

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