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Course Category: Clinical Disorders (Adult)

45 courses found.

Course ID Title Credits Format
102701 Dialectical Behavior Therapy for Adults with Mental Illness: A Review of Clinical Effectiveness and Guidelines
(27 ratings)
1.5 Online
102588 TIP 57-Trauma-Informed Care in Behavioral Health Services Trauma Awareness
(53 ratings)
2.25 Online
102567 Evidence Brief: Suicide Prevention in Veterans
(43 ratings)
1.25 Online
102566 Dissociation Debates-Everything You Know is Wrong
(97 ratings)
1 Online
102544 When Emotional Pain Becomes Physical: Adverse Childhood Experiences, Pain, and the Role of Mood and Anxiety Disorders
(71 ratings)
2.75 Online
102524 Treatments for Smoking Cessation
(27 ratings)
1.5 Online
102422 Pilot Study of a Brief Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Group for Jail Inmates
(24 ratings)
1 Online
102421 Psychological and Pharmacological Treatments for Adults With Post-traumatic Stress Disorder: A Systematic Review Update
(50 ratings)
5.5 Online
102413 Bipolar Disorder and Cannabis Use
(74 ratings)
2.25 Online
102398 DBT and Borderline Personality Disorder
(118 ratings)
1 Online
102394 Psychotherapy for Major Depressive Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder: A Health Technology Assessment
(105 ratings)
5.25 Online
102355 Prevalence of and Factors Associated With Long-term Concurrent Use of Stimulants and Opioids Among Adults With Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
(29 ratings)
1 Online
102353 Depressive Symptoms in Friedreich Ataxia
(8 ratings)
1 Online
102352 If You've Never Been There You Wouldn't Understand: The Evolutionary Reasons for Veteran Mistrust
(65 ratings)
1 Online
102351 Traumatization, Loneliness, and Suicidal Ideation among Former Prisoners of War: a Longitudinally Assessed Sequential Mediation Model
(5 ratings)
1 Online
102350 The Effects of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Combined Mild Traumatic Brain Injury/ Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder on Returning Veterans
(34 ratings)
1 Online
102347 Growing Apart: A Longitudinal Assessment of the Relation Between Post-traumatic Growth and Loneliness Among Combat Veterans
(14 ratings)
1 Online
102345 Evaluation of an Equine-Assisted Therapy Program for Veterans who Identify as `Wounded, Injured or Ill' and their Partners
(6 ratings)
1 Online
102342 An Exploratory Examination of Obsessive, Schizotypal, and Narcissistic Traits Among Sexual Offenders
(27 ratings)
1 Online
102341 Moderators of Wellbeing Interventions: Why do some People Respond More Positively than Others?
(24 ratings)
1.25 Online
102340 Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), Irrational and Rational Beliefs, and the Mental Health of Athletes
(50 ratings)
2 Online
102339 Mindfulness-Based Interventions for the Treatment of Depressive Rumination: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
(47 ratings)
1 Online
102338 The Challenges of Living with Bipolar Disorder: A Qualitative Study of the Implications for Health Care and Research
(30 ratings)
1 Online
102315 Anxiety, Irritability, and Agitation as Indicators of Bipolar Mania with Depressive Symptoms: a post hoc analysis of two clinical trials
(84 ratings)
1 Online
102314 Alzheimer Disease Biomarkers, Attentional Control and Semantic Memory Retrieval: Synergistic and Mediational Effects of Biomarkers on a Sensitive Cognitive Measure
(26 ratings)
2 Online
102313 Meaningful Strength-Based Interactions with People Experiencing Dementia
(9 ratings)
102276 How many individuals achieve symptom abstinence following psychological treatments for bulimia nervosa?: A meta-analytic review
(22 ratings)
1 Online
102263 The Neuropsychodynamic Treatment of Self-Deficits: Searching for Complementarity
(10 ratings)
8 Book
102215 Clinical Handbook of Psychological Disorders: A Step by Step Treatment Manual
(33 ratings)
40 Book
102201 French Toast for Breakfast: Declaring Peace with Emotional Eating
(52 ratings)
9 Book
102184 Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Mindfulness for Chronic Pain: Model, Process, and Progress
(630 ratings)
1 Online
102180 Hearing Voices and Cultivating Internal Dialogue
(15 ratings)
1.5 Recorded Webinar
102149 Lasagna for Lunch: Declaring Peace with Emotional Eating
(44 ratings)
5 Book
102134 Women's Pathways to Jail: The Roles & Intersections of Serious Mental illness & Trauma
(226 ratings)
3 Online
102129 Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in United States Corrections Professionals: Prevalence and Impact on Health and Functioning
(181 ratings)
2 Online
102123 Unmasking Psychological Symptoms: How Therapists Can Learn to Recognize the Psychological Presentation of Medical Disorders
(78 ratings) Available until Dec 31, 2021
15 Book
102071 DSM-5 Essentials: The Savvy Clinician's Guide to the Changes in Criteria
(166 ratings)
7 Book
102048 The Impact of Early Life Trauma: Clinical and Neurobiological Perspectives
(205 ratings)
3 Recorded Webinar
102041 The Intelligent Clinician's Guide to the DSM-5
(155 ratings)
14 Book
102020 DSM-5 Overview of Changes
(1758 ratings)
3 Online
102007 Executive Function in Eating Disorders: The Role of State Anxiety: Volume 46, Issue 4
(123 ratings)
1 Online
101918 Trauma & the Twelve Steps: A Complete Guide for Enhancing Recovery
(163 ratings)
7 Book
101839 The Prevalence of Irritable Bowel Syndrome in Outpatients with Bulimia Nervosa: Volume 44, Issue 7
(20 ratings)
1 Online
101816 Comparison of DSM-IV vs. Proposed DSM-5 Diagnostic Criteria for Eating Disorders: Reduction of EDNOS and Validity: Volume 44, Issue 6
(339 ratings)
1 Online
101807 Diet and Physical Activity in Women Recovered from Anorexia Nervosa A Pilot Study: Volume 44, Issue 4
(302 ratings)
1 Online

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