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Courses by Category: Clinical Disorders (Adult)

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Categories Course ID Title Authors Credits Format
102215 Clinical Handbook of Psychological Disorders: A Step by Step Treatment Manual David H. Barlow 40 Book
102201 French Toast for Breakfast: Declaring Peace with Emotional Eating Mary Anne Cohen, L.C.S.W. 9 Book
102184 Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Mindfulness for Chronic Pain: Model, Process, and Progress Lance M. McCracken & Kevin E. Vowles 1 Online Article or Website
102180 Hearing Voices and Cultivating Internal Dialogue Janina Fisher, Ph.D. 1.5 Webinar
102149 Lasagna for Lunch: Declaring Peace with Emotional Eating Mary Anne Cohen, L.C.S.W. 5 Book
102135 A Closer Look At Autism Dr. Lerrlyn Nelson 5 Book
102134 Women's Pathways to Jail: The Roles & Intersections of Serious Mental illness & Trauma Shannon M. Lynch, Ph.D., Dana D. DeHart, Ph.D., Joanne Belknap, Ph.D., & Bonnie L. Green, Ph.D. 3 Online Article or Website
102129 Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in United States Corrections Professionals: Prevalence and Impact on Health and Functioning Caterina G. Spinaris, Ph.D., Michael Denhof, Ph.D., & Julie Kellaway, Ph.D. 2 Online Article or Website
102123 Unmasking Psychological Symptoms: How Therapists Can Learn to Recognize the Psychological Presentation of Medical Disorders: How Therapists Can Learn to Recognize the Psychological Presentation of Medical Disorders Barbara Schildkrout, MD 15 Book
102071 DSM-5 Essentials: The Savvy Clinician's Guide to the Changes in Criteria Lourie W. Reichenberg 7 Book
102066 Prevalence of Eating Disorders in Middle Aged Women: Volume 47, Issue 3 Barbara Mangweth-Matzek, PhD
Hans W. Hoek, MD
Claudia I. Rupp, PhD
Kerstin Lackner-Seifert, PhD
Nadja Frey, MD
Alexandra B. Whitworth, MD
Harrison G. Pope, MD
Johann Kinzl, MD
1 Online Article or Website
102063 Advancing Research on Cognitive Flexibility in Eating Disorders: The Importance of Distinguishing Attentional Set-Shifting and Reversal Learning: Volume 47, Issue 3 Jennifer E. Wildes, PhD
Erika E. Forbes, PhD
Marsha D. Marcus, PhD
1 Online Article or Website
102060 Low Prealbumin is a Significant Predictor of Medical Complications in Severe Anorexia Nervosa: Volume 47, Issue 2 Jennifer L. Gaudiani, MD, CEDS
Allison L. Sabel, MD, PhD, MPH
Phillip S. Mehler, MD, CEDS, FAED
1 Online Article or Website
102052 Reflections on the Treatment of DID 1970-2013 Richard P. Kluft, M.D., Ph.D. 3 Webinar
102048 The Impact of Early Life Trauma: Clinical and Neurobiological Perspectives Ruth Lanius, MD, Ph.D. 3 Webinar
102046 The Fundamentals About Stage 1 Treatment of DID: All the Things You Were Afraid to Ask, Didn't Know You Needed to Ask, Forgot to Remember to Ask, or Just Wanted to Know Richard J. Loewenstein, M.D. 3 Webinar
102045 Results of a Longitudinal, Naturalistic Study of Treatment of Patients with Dissociative Disorders Bethany Brand, Ph.D. 3 Webinar
102041 The Intelligent Clinician's Guide to the DSM-5 Joel Paris, MD 14 Book
102029 Parent-Child Concordance in Reporting of Child Eating Disorder Pathology as Assessed by the Eating Disorder Examination: Volume 46 , Issue 6 Paige Mariano, BPsych
Hunna J. Watson, PhD, MPsych(Clin)
David J. Leach, MEPsych
Julie McCormack, MSc(Psych)
David Forbes, MBBS, FRACP
1 Online Article or Website
102028 The Menopausal Transition - A Possible Window of Vulnerability for Eating Pathology: Volume 46, Issue 6 Barbara Mangweth-Matzek, PhD
Hans W. Hoek, MD
Claudia I. Rupp, PhD
Georg Kemmler, PhD
Harrison G. Pope Jr, MD
Johann Kinzl, MD
1 Online Article or Website
102020 DSM-5 Overview of Changes American Psychiatric Association 3 Online Article or Website
102009 Course and predictors of maternal eating disorders in the postpartum period: Volume 46, Issue 4 Cecilie Knoph, MA
Ann Von Holle, MS
Stephanie Zerwas, PhD
Leila Torgersen, PhD
Kristian Tambs, PhD
Camilla Stoltenberg, MD, PhD
Cynthia M Bulik, PhD
Ted Reichborn-Kjennerud, MD, PhD
1 Online Article or Website
102008 A Cost Effectiveness Analysis of Stepped Care Treatment for Bulimia Nervosa: Volume 46, Issue 4 Scott J. Crow, MD
W. Stewart Agras, MD
Katherine A. Halmi, MD
Christopher G. Fairburn, MD
James E. Mitchell, MD
John A. Nyman, PhD
1 Online Article or Website
102007 Executive Function in Eating Disorders: The Role of State Anxiety: Volume 46, Issue 4 Rebecca L. Billingsley-Marshall, PhD
Michael R. Basso, PhD
Brian C. Lund, PharmD
Elsa R. Hernandez, PhD
Craig L. Johnson, PhD
Wayne C. Drevets, MD
Patrick A. McKee, MD
William R. Yates, MD
1 Online Article or Website
102006 An Intensive DBT Program for Patients with Multidiagnostic Eating Disorder Presentations: A Case Series Analysis: Volume 46, Issue 4 Anita Federici, PhD
Lucene Wisniewski, PhD
1 Online Article or Website
102003 Ovarian Hormones and Emotional Eating Associations across the Menstrual Cycle: Volume 46, Issue 3 Kelly L. Klump, PhD
Pamela K. Keel, PhD
S. Alexandra Burt, PhD
Sarah E. Racine, MA
Michael C. Neale, PhD
Cheryl L. Sisk, PhD
Steven Boker, PhD
1 Online Article or Website
102002 What Constitutes Clinically Significant Binge Eating? Association between Binge Features and Clinical Validators in College-Age Women: Volume 46, Issue 3 Anna Vannucci, MS
Kelly R. Theim, PhD
Andrea E. Kass, MA
Mickey Trockel, PhD
Brooke Genkin, BA
Marianne Rizk, BA
Hannah Weisman, BA
Jakki O. Bailey, MA
Meghan M. Sinton, PhD
Vandana Aspen, PhD
Denise E. Wilfley, PhD
C. Barr Taylor, MD
1 Online Article or Website
102000 A Placebo-Controlled Pilot Study of the Novel Opioid Receptor Antagonist ALKS-33 in Binge Eating Disorder: Volume 46, Issue 3 Susan L. McElroy, MD
Anna I. Guerdjikova, PhD, LISW
Thomas J. Blom, MS
Scott J. Crow, MD
Asli Memisoglu, PhD
Bernard L. Silverman, MD
Elliot W. Ehrich, MD
1 Online Article or Website
101999 Methylation of the glucocorticoid receptor gene promoter in bulimic women: Associations with borderline personality disorder, suicidality and exposure to childhood abuse: Volume 46, Issue 3 Howard Steiger, PhD

Patricia Groleau, BA
Gustavo Turecki MD, PhD
Mimi Israel, MD
1 Online Article or Website
101995 TRIADD: The Risk for Alcohol Abuse, Depression, and Diabetes Multimorbidity in the American Indian and Alaska Native Population Sheila S. Tann, R.N., N.D., Scott T. Yabiku, Ph.D., Scott K. Okamoto, Ph.D., and Jessica Yanow, M.P.H. 1 Online Article or Website

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