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Course ID Title Credits Format
102460 Weighty decisions: How symptom severity and weight impact perceptions of bulimia nervosa
(4 ratings) Available until Aug 1, 2020
1 Online
102455 Predictors of muscularity‚Äźoriented disordered eating behaviors in U.S. young adults: A prospective cohort study Available until Aug 1, 2020 1 Online
102454 Residual eating disorder symptoms and clinical features in remitted and recovered eating disorder patients
(3 ratings) Available until Aug 1, 2020
1 Online
102419 Differences in risk factors for binge eating by socioeconomic status in a community-based sample of adolescents: Findings from Project EAT
(2 ratings)
1 Online
102311 Longitudinal and personalized networks of eating disorder cognitions and behaviors: Targets for precision intervention a proof of concept study
(4 ratings)
1 Online
102276 How many individuals achieve symptom abstinence following psychological treatments for bulimia nervosa?: A meta-analytic review
(16 ratings)
1 Online
102270 Driven Exercise in the Absence of Binge Eating: Implications for Purging Disorder
(32 ratings)
1 Online
102267 Cognitive-behavioral therapy for eating disorders in primary care settings: Does it work, and does a greater dose make it more effective?
(14 ratings)
1 Online
102266 The Validity of DSM-5 Severity Specifiers for Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, and Binge-Eating Disorder
(20 ratings)
1 Online
102246 Male Clinical Norms and Sex Differences on the Eating Disorder Inventory (EDI) and Eating Disorder Examination Questionnaire (EDE-Q)
(17 ratings)
1 Online

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