Caregiver's Reprieve

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About the Course:

Dr. Brandt’s book provides a practical look at the emotional challenges of caring for an aged or chronically ill loved one. You will find expert advice plus personal glimpses into the lives of four “real” caregivers. This compassionate and practical manual will help you: understand what it means to be a caregiver; recognize the physical and mental changes in your loved one; deal with the dramatic changes in your life style; adjust your expectations for the future; handle your own emotional reactions; and develop healthy ways to cope.


Brandt, Avrene, Ph.D.

Dr. Brandt is a clinical psychologist with a private practice in Pennsylvania, and a consultant to the Greater Philadelphia Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association and to geriatric and rehabilitation facilities in Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey.

Course Objectives:

  1. to be able to become aware of the physical and emotional risks of being a long term caregiver.

  2. to be able to become aware of practical coping strategies for dealing with the stress of care-giving.

  3. to be able to learn guidelines for dealing with the emotional reactions that occur in care-giving situations.

  4. to be able to understand and accept that strong emotional responses are normal when care-giving.

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