Domestic Violence and Education

Examining the Impact of Domestic Violence on Young Children, Children, and Young People and the Potential Role of Schools

About the Course:

This article examines how domestic violence impacts the lives and education of young children, children, and young people and how they can be supported within the education system. Schools are often the service in closest and longest contact with a child living with domestic violence; teachers can play a vital role in helping families access welfare services. In the wake of high profile cases of child abuse and neglect, concerns have been raised about the effectiveness of multi-agency responses to children living with abuse.

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Michele Lloyd

The School of Education, University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, United Kingdom

Recommended For:

Clinicans, child protective workers, school counselors, school psycholoists, teachers, social workers dealing with children and/or domestic violence. This course is appropriate for all knowledge levels.

Course Objectives:

  1. Identify the behaviors children witnessing domestic violce exhibit.

  2. Acknowledge that domestic violence does not have an indirect effect on children.

  3. Extrapolate that interservice coordination makes an inpact to safeguard children and prevent tragedies from occurring.

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