Two Faces of the Same Issue: Housing Instability In Rural & Urban Communities

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About the Course:

In this SAMHSA video, the presenters provide insights into housing instability and considerations in regard to both rural and urban environments. The presentation includes definitions of homelessness as well as barriers to accessing housing resources.

Publication Date:

Aired November 1, 2017


Charles Sullivan

Charles Sullivan is the Director of Housing at the Arizona Behavioral Health Corporation (ABC Housing).

Sherri Downing

Sherri Downing is the Senior Program Manager with Advocates for Human Potential.

Recommended For:

Any clinician working with substance abuse or mental health populations. This course is appropriate for all knowledge levels.

Course Objectives:

  1. Define and discuss chronic homelessness and the barriers to service provision.

  2. Discuss the Fair Housing Act and the relevant provisions and prohibitions.

  3. Discuss the issues involved with homelessness in both rural and urban settings and identify resources that providers can use to help clients.


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