Culturally Competent Care in Recovery Oriented Settings

About the Course:

In this SAMHSA webinar, Erin Bascug, MS and Steve Onken, Ph.D. use a social work lens to discuss cultural competency and cultural humility as a central theme in interdisciplinary recovery-oriented practice. This webinar is part of SAMHSA’s Recovery to Practice (RTP) program, which supports the expansion and integration of recovery-oriented behavioral health care delivered through multiple service settings.

Publication Date:

Aired August 3, 2015


Erin Bascug, MS

Erin Bascug, MS, is the Associate Director for Educational Initiatives and Research, Council on Social Work Education.

Steven J. Onken, PhD

Steven J. Onken, PhD, is the MSW Program Director and Associate Professor at the University of Northern Iowa.

Recommended For:

The course is designed for counselors, marriage and family therapists, psychologists and social workers who work with substance abuse patients and their families. The course is more targeted for social workers and all knowledge levels will benefit from this material.

Course Objectives:

  1. Describe and discuss the value of cultural competency and cultural humility in recovery practice.

  2. Describe and discuss the relationships between culture, trauma, and recovery and the implications for practice.

  3. Identify and discuss cultural competence and humility skills and resources/information that can be used by mental health professional in recovery-oriented practice.


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