Ethical Models

About the Course:

This collection of four articles describes multiple ethical models with a special focus on their application to the field of Social Work. The first article is entitled: Integral Ethics for Social Workers. This article provides a model, based on Wilber’s integral paradigm, for practitioners and educators to help them incorporate their different perspectives and experiences in their work without compromising their ethical orientations. The second article is entitled: A Relational Approach to Practice: An Ethical Alternative to Working With Parents in Out-of-Home Care Processes. This article discusses a study which explored a relational practice approach with parents whose children have been removed into out-of-home care. The third article is entitled: Methodologies for ethical decision making in Social Work. This article reviews different ethical decision-making methodologies used in social work. The fourth article is entitled: The ETHICS Model: Comprehensive, Ethical Decision Making. This article is based on a program presented at the 2016 American Counseling Association Conference wherein an ethical model was proposed that incorporated the latest relevant literature in ethics and integrated multiple theoretical perspectives.

Publication Date:

Journal of Social Work Values and Ethics, VISTAS Online and Annual of Social Work 2017


Mari Ann Graham, Ph.D.
Elizabeth Claire Reimer Ph.D.
Maria-Jesus Uriz
Thomas Ling

Recommended For:

These articles are geared towards social workers, but include information that is valuable to any behavioral health provider. It is appropriate for all levels of professional knowledge.

Course Objectives:

  1. Describe four different ethical models

  2. Identify steps to making an ethical decision

  3. Describe a non-hierarchical ethical decision making model

Integral Ethics for Social Workers

A Relational Approach to Practice: An Ethical Alternative to Working With Parents in Out-of-Home Care Processes

Methodologies for ethical decision making in Social Work

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The ETHICS Model: Comprehensive, Ethical Decision Making

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