102098: Employee Assistance Specialist- Clinical

About the Course:

The Employee Assistance Professional Association, (EAPA) has developed a new certificate, EAS-C, specifically for EAP affiliate providers. This foundational training was authored by a team of EAP experts in the field including contributions from EAP leadership, network managers and private practioners. RDA was also honored to sit upon this panel. The end result was the creation of a training designed to bridge the knowledge gap between EAPs and the private practitioner who joins an EAP affiliate network.

The course is designed for private practitioners who contract with EAP vendors to provide services through their private practice. If you are a mental health professional with a minimum of a Master’s Degree in an EAP related field; and licensed for independent clinical practice as required by applicable law you are eligible to take this online and earn the certificate.

Publication Date:



Robert Intveld LCSW, CEAP (presenter)

About the Author:

Robert Intveld LCSW, CEAP, is the owner of Robert Douglas and Associates and has been in the EAP field for over 25 years.
RDA provides consultation, training and EAP Critical Incident Response Services.
Robert has held positions of leadership in both internal and external EAPs. He has also been an affiliate provider for many national EAPs. Robert was invited to sit on a panel of EAP experts to participate in the content of this program and later created the online version.
He is the author of the book and online training; EAP Critical Incident Response- A Multi-Systemic Resiliency Approach, available on Amazon.com

Recommended For:

This course is recommended for health care professionals, especially psychologists, counselors and social workers who seek knowledge about providing EAP services through private practice. It is appropriate for intermediate level of participants’ knowledge.

Course Objectives:

  1. Recognize EAPs from the perspectives of work organizations, EAP vendors, and network providers

  2. Differentiate roles between working with mental\behavioral health clients and EAP clients

  3. Integrate tips and insider information that can help you build your EAP referral business

  4. Operate within a dual client system

  5. Apply basic motivational interviewing techniques and SBIRT principles when working with EAP referrals

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