Choosing to Heal

Using Reality Therapy in Treatment with Sexually Abused Children

About the Course:

The number of sexual abuse disclosures by children has been increasing at a steady rate. Therapists are faced with the dilemma of limited resources and training to help them best serve this vulnerable population.

Choosing to Heal breaks new ground as the first resource to use Reality Therapy and Choice Therapy in focusing on the treatment of sexually abused children. Mental health professionals are provided with numerous techniques and strategies to utilize during the treatment process.

Parents, caretakers, teachers and anyone helping children heal from sexual abuse can obtain an understanding of the process in simple and understandable language. Choosing to Heal is a must-have resource for anyone helping a child heal from sexual abuse.



Publication Date:

1st, 2007


Laura Ellsworth, MA

About the Author:

Laura Ellsworth has been providing treatment to individuals and families for over 25 years. She has lectured and trained professionals in the mental health field all over the United States. She has a private practice in Evansville, Indiana.

Recommended For:

This course is recommended for health care professionals, especially psychologists, counselors and social workers who seek knowledge about reality and choice therapy in the treatment of sexually abused children. It is appropriate for an introductory to advanced level of participants’ knowledge.

Course Objectives:

  1. Discuss coping skills used by sexually abuse victims and identify how sexual abuse victims address self-injury, suicide, perfectionism, and sexual acting out behaviors.

  2. Apply techniques to address boundary issues clients and increase understanding of professional boundaries/conduct.

  3. Reduce dissociative responses in the classroom.

  4. Teach children to develop a safety plan and techniques to discuss sexual abuse awareness.

  5. Describe criteria for differentiating between normal and disrupted sexual play between children.

  6. Differentiate between sexually reactive and children who molest.

  7. Provide parents and caregivers with strategies to help create a safe home environment with children who sexually act out.

  8. Respond to disclosures of sexual abuse and sexual acting out behaviors.

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