A Review of the Florida Laws and Rules for Mental Health Practitioners

About the Course:

The State of Florida has introduced through legislation the requirement that licensees engaged in the practice of clinical social work, marriage and family therapy, and mental health counseling must complete three (3) hours of continuing education coursework on laws and rules as outlined in Chapter 64B4-6 (License Renewal, Continuing Education Credit). This requirement must be met by licensed practitioners of the stated disciplines/professions every third biennium following initial licensure. In essence, the rule states that during the licensure renewal period following the licensee’s second renewal is the time period that a laws and rules course must be completed. This new requirement adds to the existing requirements already in place by Florida legislation.

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Michael Smith, PhD, LCSW, PIP

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This course is designed for licensed professionals of the Florida Board of Clinical Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy and Mental Health Counseling. This course satisfies the requirement established by Rule 64B4-6.001 (4) that a licensee must complete 3 hours of laws and rules continuing education units every third biennium following licensure.

Course Objectives:

  1. Identify changes to the rules that affect mental health professionals in Florida.

  2. Discuss the legal and ethical boundaries that pertain to the professional relationship between client and mental health practitioner.

  3. Discuss the importance of confidentiality standards and maintaining client records for mental health professionals.

  4. Explain the types of discipline that can be administered for mental health practioner violations including supervision requirements.

  5. Review the standards of practice for mental health professionals in Florida.

Florida Laws & Rules Course

The course questions are based upon this document.

Chapter 456, Title XXXII

Chapter 491, Title XXXII

Rule Title 64B4-3.0035 amd 64B4-6.0046

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