Social Work Supervision: Best Practice Standards

About the Course:

This course covers the “Best Practice Standards in Social Work Supervision” jointly developed by the National Association of Social Workers and the Association of Social Work Boards. The course material provides a comprehensive discussion on topics specific to social work supervision including the context of supervision, conduct of supervision, legal and ethical issues, and termination.


National Association of Social Workers/Association of Social Work Boards

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National Association of Social Workers
Association of Social Work Boards

Recommended For:

This course is appropriate for social worker supervisors of all practice levels who seek to obtain the latest best practice standards in social work supervision. It is also appropriate for social worker receiving social work supervision.

Course Objectives:

  1. Identify the major domains of social work supervision.

  2. Define the standards for determining qualifications for social work supervisors.

  3. Explain the scope of practice for social work supervisors and appropriate contexts of supervision.

  4. Discuss appropriate conduct in the supervisory relationship.

  5. Examine legal and regulatory issues related to social work supervision.

  6. Evaluate ethical issues that arise in social work supervision.

  7. Demonstrate best practices related to evaluation of the supervisory relationship as well as termination.

Best Practice Standards in Social Work Supervision

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