The Analysis of Failure

An Investigation of Failed Cases in Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy

About the Course:

Arnold Goldberg extends work that began in a seminar at the Institute for psychoanalysis of Chicago on failed cases. His examination of these cases allows for an exploration on the concept of failure itself. In addition, he teases out the many ways and the different phases of a case during which it might fail. Ultimately, he urges readers not to fear failure, but to accept failure as an integral part of learning and development. He calls for the development of a greater knowledge of what types of patients would benefit from different types of treatment, requiring practitioners to educate themselves of different treatment modalities.



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Arnold Goldberg, M.D.

About the Author:

Arnold Goldberg, M.D. is the Cynthia Oudejans Harris M.D. Professor of Psychiatry at Rush Medical School, a training and supervising analyst at the Chicago Institute of Psychoanalysis, and the author of numerous books.

Recommended For:

This course is recommended for health care professionals, especially social workers, psychologists and counselors who seek knowledge about commonalities of failed cases in psychoanalysis and psychotherapy. It is appropriate for intermediate to advanced levels of participants’ knowledge.

Course Objectives:

  1. Articulate ways a treatment may fail during different phases of a treatment.

  2. List the challenges inherent in defining and studying the concept of failure.

  3. Apply an understanding of failed cases toward professional development as a practitioner.

  4. Explain the research implications of failed cases for psychotherapy.

  5. Identify different types of treatments to know what types will work best for individual patients.

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