Perfect Love, Imperfect Relationships

Healing the Wound of the Heart

About the Course:

In Perfect Love, Imperfect Relationships, John Welwood offers fresh and penetrating insight into our relationship problems. In eloquent and encouraging terms, he explains that most of us carry an unaddressed emotional wound he calls “the wound of the heart”—a deep-seated, unconscious belief that we are not lovable as we are. This core wound must be acknowledged, examined, and healed before successful relationships are possible, and this book shows us how. With practical exercises and engaging stories drawn from Welwood’s private practice as a couples’ therapist, Perfect Love, Imperfect Relationships helps us to heal our hearts so that we can receive love in a way that we never have before.


Shambhala Publications

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Welwood, John, Ph.D.

About the Author:

John Welwood, Ph.D., has published six books, including the best-selling Journey of the Heart (HarperCollins, 1990), as well as Challenge of the Heart (Shambhala, 1985), and Love and Awakening (HarperCollins, 1996). He is a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist in San Francisco, and an associate editor of the Journal for Transpersonal Psychology.

Recommended For:

This course is recommended for health care professionals, especially psychologists, counselors, social workers, and nurses who seek knowledge about working with couples from a perspective that emphasizes unaddressed emotional wounds. It is appropriate for all levels of participants’ knowledge.

Course Objectives:

  1. Explain the basic concepts of the perfect love, imperfect relationships approach.

  2. Describe how the author suggests dealing with grievance and be able to apply to work with couples.

  3. Analyze and critique the author’s writing on moving from self-hatred to self-love.

  4. Identify ways in which clients can learn to accept love and allow it to free them from emotional wounds.

  5. Apply exercises presented to your work with couples in therapy as deemed appropriate.

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