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10078: Silently Seduced : When Parents Make their Children Partners - Understanding Covert Incest

About the Course:

"Silently Seduced : When Parents Make their Children Partners - Understanding Covert Incest"

This course is recommended for health care professionals, especially psychologists, counselors, social workers, and nurses who seek knowledge about covert incest and its implications. Whether unfamiliar or familiar with some of the concepts involved in this material, you can benefit from information in this course.
When a parent’s love for a child is more expecting than giving, more jealous than trusting, the child can become trapped in a “psychological marriage” with the parent, becoming a victim of covert incest. Identification of this problem is often difficult, for the victim often feels idealized and privileged rather than abused. Dr. Adams provides a framework for beginning a process of recovery.


Kenneth M. Adams, Ph. D.

About the Author:

Kenneth M. Adams, Ph. D., is a licensed psychologist in clinical practice since 1981 and nationally recognized in addictive disorders, recovery issues and trauma resolution. He is in private practice in Royal Oak, Michigan and the Clinical Director for Program for Sexual Health and Addiction. Dr. Adams is the author of Silently Seduced: When Parents Make Their Children Partners, Understanding Covert Incest and co-editor of Clinical Management of Sex Addiction. He is a member of the editorial board of Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity, The Journal of Treatment and Prevention and an advisory board member to the National Council on Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity.

Course Objectives:

  1. to identify covert incest and its related symptoms

  2. to understand causes and dynamics of covert incest

  3. to clarify recovery and treatment goals

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