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Approval for Psychologists in Maryland

Overview: Maryland Board of Examiners of Psychology

  • Provider: APA provider
  • Cycle: Renewal every 2 years
  • Next Renewal: Mar 31, 2020
  • Total Requirement: 40 credit hours required; 20 may be earned with
    Maryland Board of Examiners of Psychology has special CE requirements. Those requirements are listed below.

Courses Addressing Special Requirements for Maryland Board of Examiners of Psychology

  • Requirement: Ethics, 3 credit hours

    The following list of courses include ethics, boundaries, and safety practices. To best meet your ethics requirement, we recommend you select a relevant ethics course preferably with the word ethics in the title.

    29 courses available. View Courses

    Title Credit Hours Info
    102232: A New Dimension of Health Care: Systematic Review of the Uses, Benefits, and Limitations of... 1.00 Details
    102251: Long-Term Follow-Up of Transsexual Persons Undergoing Sex Reassignment Surgery: Cohort Study in... 1.00 Details
    102099: Online Counseling: A Handbook for Mental Health Professionals 12.00 Details
    102014: Responding to Suicidal Risk 1.00 Details
    102043: Social Work Supervision: Best Practice Standards 2.00 Details
    101786: 21 Ethical Fallacies: Cognitive Strategies To Justify Unethical Behavior and Ethics, Critical... 1.00 Details
    102084: A Review of the Florida Laws and Rules for Mental Health Practitioners 3.00 Details
    101945: ACA Code of Ethics: American Counseling Association 3.00 Details
    100632: APA Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct: 2010 Amendments 3.00 Details
    102244: Balancing Ethics & Best Practices: Honoring Cultural Diversity in the Grieving Process 1.50 Details
    102035: Competence as an Ethical Standard for Psychologists: As found in, "Ethics for Psychologists: A... 3.00 Details
    102022: Drawing Boundaries and Do the Right Thing 1.00 Details
    102815: Drug Addiction: From Neuroscience to Ethics 1.00 Details
    102254: Enhancing the Ethical Conduct of HIV Research with Migrant Sex Workers: Human Rights, Policy, and... 1.00 Details
    102357: Ethical Models 3.50 Details
    102377: Ethics and Technology 2.00 Details
    101796: Ethics in Psychotherapy and Counseling: A Practical Guide 14.00 Details
    102568: Ethnicity, Values, and Value Conflicts of African American and White Social Service Professionals 1.00 Details
    102001: Guidelines for Psychological Practice with Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Clients 2.00 Details
    101782: Guidelines for Psychological Practice with Older Adults 3.00 Details
    102742: Legal and Ethical Issues for Mental Health Clinicians: Best Practices for Avoiding Litigation,... 7.50 Details
    101522: Medical (Behavioral Healthcare Practice) Errors 4.00 Details
    102359: National Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics 2017 1.50 Details
    102481: National Board for Certified Counselors Code of Ethics 2016 1.00 Details
    102012: Ohio Ethics & Laws for Addiction Professionals 1.00 Details
    102753: Resourcing the Therapist and Preventing Burnout 1.50 Details
    101968: Telehealth: Ethical and Legal practice for Mental Health Professionals 5.00 Details
    101894: The Ethics of Supervision and Consultation: Practical Guidance for Mental Health Professionals 8.00 Details
    102202: Young people's views regarding participation in mental health and wellbeing research through... 1.00 Details
  • Requirement: Cultural Diversity, 3 credit hours

    3 CE hours in activities designed to enhance
    competence in the provision of psychological services to culturally diverse populations. Cultural diversity is
    broadly considered to encompass diversity in ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, etc.

    36 courses available. View Courses

    Title Credit Hours Info
    102430: A Pilot Randomized Trial of Motivational Interviewing Compared to Psycho-Education for Reducing... 1.00 Details
    102175: American Indian and Alaska Native Mental Health: Diverse Perspectives on Enduring Disparities 4.00 Details
    102258: An Introduction to Ritual, Religious and Spiritual Abuse with Definitions, Discussion of Meaning... 1.00 Details
    101972: Ethnic and Racial Disparities in Education: Psychology's Contributions to Understanding and... 4.00 Details
    102568: Ethnicity, Values, and Value Conflicts of African American and White Social Service Professionals 1.00 Details
    102001: Guidelines for Psychological Practice with Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Clients 2.00 Details
    102371: Behavioral Health Services for American Indians and Alaska Natives 6.00 Details
    102372: Behavioral Health Services for American Indians and Alaska Natives - A Guide for Serving American... 6.00 Details
    102406: Culturally Competent Care in Recovery Oriented Settings 1.00 Details
    102569: Culturally Competent Prevention and Treatment 1.50 Details
    102571: TIP 59-Improving Cultural Competence- An Introduction 3.25 Details
    102572: TIP 59-Improving Cultural Competence-Core Competencies for Counselors and Other Staff 1.50 Details
    102397: How LGBT+ Young People Use the Internet in Relation to Their Mental Health and Envisage the Use... 1.50 Details
    102434: Treating Hispanic/Latino Youth 1.25 Details
    102818: Advances in Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Interventions Among Racial, Ethnic, and... 1.00 Details
    102369: Chapter 29: Sexual Assault and Chapter 31: Intimate Partner Violence 1.50 Details
    102379: Competencies for Counseling the Multiracial Population 2.00 Details
    102436: Depression and African Americans 2.00 Details
    102356: Improving Cultural Competence to Reduce Health Disparities 4.00 Details
    102529: Improving Cultural Competence: Quick Guide for Clinicians (Based on TIP 59) 1.00 Details
    102722: Marijuana and Gender Differences in African Americans 1.75 Details
    102399: Mental Health and the LGBT Community 2.00 Details
    102435: Mental Health of Arab Americans 1.25 Details
    102319: Overcoming Cultural and Service Gaps Experienced by Tribal Members in the Criminal Justice System... 1.00 Details
    102583: Pilot outcome results of culturally adapted evidence-based substance use disorder treatment with... 1.25 Details
    102762: Racial/ethnic subgroup differences in outcomes and acceptability of an Internet-delivered... 1.25 Details
    102633: Research-Based, Clinically Sensitive Cultural Factors in Therapy 3.00 Details
    102392: Standards and Indicators for Cultural Competence in Social Work 2.00 Details
    102648: The meanings of cultural competence in mental health-an exploratory focus group study with... 1.25 Details
    102614: TIP 51 Substance Abuse Treatment: Addressing the Specific Needs of Women: Specific Population... 2.75 Details
    102573: TIP 59-Improving Cultural Competence-Culturally Responsive Evaluation and Treatment Planning 1.25 Details
    102607: TIP 59-Improving Cultural Competence-Drug Cultures and the Culture of Recovery 1.50 Details
    102598: TIP 59-Improving Cultural Competence-Pursuing Organizational Cultural Competence 2.00 Details
    102606: TIP 59-Improving Cultural Competence-Treatment for Major Racial and Ethnic Groups. 5.00 Details
    102433: Unmet Mental Health Care Needs among Asian Americans 10–11 Years After Exposure to the World... 1.00 Details
    102368: Victim Assistance SANE SART Roundtable 3.00 Details

General Information

Provider Info

  • APA provider’s distant learning courses meet qualifications for continuing education credit for psychologists as required by the Maryland Board of Examiners of Psychology.

40 credit hours

20 CE credits in the licensing renewal period may be distant learning (online/homestudy) courses.

3 credits must be in ethics.

3 credits must be in Cultural Diversity., a service of CE Learning Systems, is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. maintains responsibility for this program and its content. No provider number is listed because the APA does not issue a provider number.

Contact Info

Maryland Board of Examiners of Psychologists
Phone: 410-764-4787

Applicability and Disclaimer

This CE approval information applies to these professionals in Maryland:

  • Psychologists

Please Note:

Carefully read your state licensure renewal requirements as some jurisdictions have specific topic requirements or limits on the number of accepted Online/Home Study credits.

State laws often change, so please remember it is your responsibility for interpreting your state's laws, licensure requirements, course relevancy and all requirements for your state.